Reviewing Jing and Animoto by Using Jing and Animoto

We’ve been looking at different programs that might help us, either as a form of digital storytelling related to the books or as a way to introduce our project. Two programs on the table today are Jing and Animoto. Jing is a screen capture program and Animoto makes video slideshows. To switch things up, I decided to use the programs to give a demo of each. You can click here to check out my short demo for making a slideshow in Animoto. And here is my slide show on Jing.

In short, Animoto really simplifies the editing process and is super fast, but you are pretty limited with thirty second videos and certain options before you have to upgrade to paid plans. Jing is also pretty easy to use and highlight what you’re trying to show, whether through screenshots or videos. On the downside, the free plan only records for 5 minutes and the file format for Jing is less friendly (SWF) than it is in the upgraded Snagit program(MPEG-4).

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